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Customer Photos - Page 1

Tim made some small changes to the BBQ Grill Plans; the main ones were adding the side door, thermometer and the chimneys. "This allows it to double as a really good smoker. It makes a mean pork shoulder."
Photo submitted by Tim
Can crusher built by Cecil Rice. Mounted above a garbage can, that's what we call a "Mean-Green Recycling Machine"!
Photo sent in by daughter Susan
"I had a special adapter that converts the Bobcat quick attach to accept 3 point hitch implements. The plans were very easy to read and the project was rather simple to put together. Materials cost only about $250 as we had the steel laying around the shop."
Photo by Cristopher Yoest
Your plans and instructions where detailed and made building this bench very easy! As you can see I added a center beam for better support on the bottom shelf. Who says a "workhorse" can't look good!!
Photo by Frank Savedra.
Very interesting project! Child's Playhouse matched with a water-wheel!
Photo by Greg
This was built by Wayne and Patty Price for granddaughter Taylor (she named the horse "Mine"). Nice work!
Photo submitted by Wayne
 Clyde Reinhart built this for his grandson Corey. He chose the #2 for Corey's age.
Photo sent by Jackie Reinhart
Chuck modified the Wishing Well by making it taller. Everything's bigger in Texas!
Photo sent by Chuck Dollison
Very interesting! Ed's variations allow this splitter to be mounted as a 3pt, towed by a vehicle or wheeled by hand! Nice work Ed. Note: Picture was taken before hydraulic lines were installed.
Photo sent by Ed Deak
Our storage shelves are easy to build ... even for a 3yr. old kid! Ok, maybe he did get a little help from his dad, Rick!
Photo sent by Rick Asson
"The plans were super! I had the concrete slab poured by a contractor and then built the building myself (with a little help)." Alan's wife named the Utility Shed "The Villa". Shed size is 16' x 12'.
Photo sent by Alan Cobb.
Here's a great looking Boat Bookshelf by Richard. "I decided to use all hardwoods. Black walnut (outer sides), Brazilian cherry (bow), American cherry (rails), maple (shelves) and birch (hull floor).
Photo sent by Richard Bush
Modified workbench plans. Top of bench is plywood (painted yellow) with a yellow-orange acrylic top glued on! "This table is being used as an art table in my wife's studio".
Photo sent by Robert Salz
Here is a Sheet Metal Bending Brake (18"). Bill made some modifications by adding diagonal braces to stiffen the hold-down bar for bending thicker metal parts. "This bender is great. I am very happy I purchased the plans, I only have about $11 invested in the whole project!"
Photo sent by Bill
"We have completed another project from your plans, and you can tell that Great-Grandson Danny really enjoys his new rocking elephant."
Photo sent by Wayne and Patty Price
NOTE: This project is included as part of the "Toddler's Rocking Horse Plans".
Here is Chris & Lori's Log Splitter - nice job guys! Nice modifications like the fenders, round tank and Honda engine.
Photo sent by John (father-in-law)
"Here is a photo of my completed trailer dolly project...the plans were very helpful and made the project much easier to complete...thanks for offering the service!"
Photo sent by Mark Henderson
Excellent job on the playhouse David - the project AND the landscaping look great! "Although I had finished most of the work in about 4 - 5 weeks of weekends, the devil is in the details! The plan worked out great. I was pleased by the accuracy of the measurements. I enjoyed the process and the kids are enjoying the result!"
Photo Sent by David Talaski
"My daugther is very pleased with the cabinet and is using it already to sew clothes for her daughter. These were the only plans we could find that can be used to build a cabinet solid enough to support a vibrating sewing machine. I'm sure she will enjoy the cabinet for many years in the future."
Photo sent in by Carl Ulbrich
Nice job on the Lean-To Shed. Looks like it is part of the building! Walt says: "The plans were awesome ..... Total cost per shed was about $450.00 (includes everything - paint, hinges, locks, shelves, everything).
Photo sent by Walt Dalman
Bill altered our 3pt Log Splitter plans so that it could also be used in the vertical position! "Your plans were very good and I appreciate the design ideas. So far the splitter works great in the vertical and horizontal position."
Photo sent by Bill Ethier
Terry's Toddler Rocking Horse made from Poplar wood and stained to let the woodgrain speak for itself. "I added the stars and round knobs on the end of the handles to help protect eyes. I am sure my granddaughter will have years of fun with her rocking horse."
Photo sent by Terry Connolly
Bending Brake (18") was modified (not visible in this photo) so that a pair of springs automatically raise the hold-down bar when you loosen the bolts! As Gerald says: "you might want to add this option as it makes it easier to add and remove your work from the brake". Great idea - and we are definately looking into adding this to the plans.
Photo sent by Gerald Brazil
Here's an interesting concept, the Porch Swing hung from an arbor! Nice job Keith! This looks like a great place to relax and enjoy the spectacular mountain view.
Photo sent in by Keith Swanson
This Trailer Dolly was made by students John Anderson and Nate Hildebrant from Somerset High School in WI. "This turned out to be a great project for the kids because of all the different elements of metal processing that had to be done". Metal shop teacher was Eric Olson.
Photo sent by Mark Barron
This smoker was built by students (mainly Brandon Guest and Kenny Beam) from the Center for Arts & Technology, PA., instructor was Ralph Kauffman. "There were a few changes in the design, basically because of materials on hand. Thanks for the terrific plans. It is a great smoker". Excellent job guys!
NOTE: Our plans are designed with the firebox on the right side of the smoker.
Photo sent by Bob Moore
Bob built the Race Car Bed for his grandson Tyler (age 2). "I built this same plan 28 years ago for my son Glen and now for his son!". Looks like Tyler approves!
Photo sent in by Bob Fletcher
"We carved the whole family history on the ledge of the well with a router. We are very pleased with the results and the envy of the neighborhood!" The wishing well looks great!
Photo sent by Sam and Cameo Thompson
Nice looking Cedar Chest built by Mike. "I have not done a project like this since 8th grade wood shop! I'm getting ready to make a few more for family members".
Photo sent in by Mike Gray
Here's a great looking project built from the Easy Cupola Plans. Nice job Ray!
Photo sent in by Ray Piar
Large Wishing Well built to cover up the cocrete cap to the sewer. Great idea! Hide something ugly while adding to the beauty of the landscape.
Photo sent by Steve
Cedar Potting Bench. "We are both pleased at how beautiful the bench turned out. The plans were easy to follow with some very helpful tips included!" The wood is redwood instead of cedar.
Photo sent by Nora & Joe Murray
Sewing Cabinet looks good John. "I finished the cabinet with a few changes - 34 inches high and I installed two magnetic door catches."
Photo sent in by John
3pt Log Splitter. "My husband Graeme has sent you a photo of the log splitter he built from your plans using some secondhand materials (cylinder from tractor, control valve). He has split a few ton  of very hard wood. Thanking you.
Photo sent in by Maree Griggs, Australia
A nice Space-Saver Workbench from Bob. "Greats plans! Had fun doing this. It works really well in my small work shop. All my friends want one!"
Photo sent in by Bob Nims, Arizona
Fred sez: " I'm very pleased with the plans although I have heavily modified them... 24" instead of 18", all machined with lathe/mill (no welding), thicker material and hardened pins. As a home shop tool, it's really neat and I've sure had fun building it - this design will really do the job for me!"
Photo sent in by Fred White